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Word of Warning

 Word of Warning audience 2018/19 e-survey

We are carrying out a survey in conjunction with The Audience Agency to find out more about our audience - who you are, why you come along to one of our events, and what you think of us.

This information will also be used by the national Live Art UK network, of which we are a member, better to understand public interest in and attitudes towards Live Art and performance; our national LAUK partners are also conducting the same e-survey, and our collective data will be pooled for the benefit of all.


The survey should take around five minutes to complete. Your answers will be kept confidential and will only be used for research purposes. Many thanks for your help.

 Your attendance at Word of Warning events
 Prior to this, had you attended events presented by Word of Warning before? (Tick one only)
 Which of the following best describes the event you attended? (Tick one only)